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Chef's Selections


December 6th - December 12th

Homemade Meatloaf $13

Nothing says classic comfort like some homemade meatloaf. Served with mashed potatoes and our traditional salad.  

December 13th - December 19th

Chili in a Bread Bowl $12

Try our savory Chili In A Bread Bowl served over melted cheese. 

December 20th - December 26th

Lamb Shanks $29

Braised lamb shank smothered in our homemade sauce. Served over garlic mashed potatoes. 

December 27th - January 2nd 

Shrimp Ravioli 

Shrimp ravioli smothered in our homemade sauce. Then, topped with large Argentine royal red shrimp.

Served with our traditional salad.

New Year’s Eve Selection 

Two Prime Rib Dinners $60


   Two Prime Rib DinnersEach served with choice of side and our traditional salad. Also comes with One chocolate lava cake dessert topped with white chocolate sauce.